About Us

Founded in 2006 by Oxford students Get Inspired! is a project that aims to encourage talented students and recent graduates, particularly from disadvantaged regions, to realize their full potential and go study at leading universities abroad. At Get-Inspired! we developed a unique process that helps you realize your potential and  dramatically improves your chances of getting accepted into the leading educational institutions worldwide:

Step 1: Get Inspired! by visiting one of our regional BOOTCAMPS or by browsing through our online SUCCESS STORIES (coming soon)

Step 2: Get Informed! about all aspects of studying abroad - from Application, VISA to Financing - simply browse through our ONLINE RESOURCES (coming soon)

Step 3: Get Connected! with students of your nationality at leading educational institutions worldwide and receive world-class coaching to realize your goals and guide you through your personal career development (coming soon)

Step 4: SIGN UP NOW - take advantage of our products and services - make your application be a success





  Thomas F. A. Whitfield is co-founder of Get-Inspired! and a dedicated entrepreneur.  He founded several other ventures including the venture capital backed web 2.0 startup Thomas holds a DPhil/Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford. In 2008 he got awarded a NCGE-Kauffmann Global Fellowship for the creation of innovative new enterprises in the United Kingdom.



  Eugen Burdelnii
is an Oxford Chevening visiting student (International Relations). He is currently working as Senior Adviser, Foreign Affairs Division, Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. Mr. Burdelnii is the John Smith Fellowship Trust's Alumni( and has the vast experience of the international activities. Eugen wants to use his personal power to win the hearts and minds of people to achieve a common purpose.



  Nina Kruglikova
  PhD student, Oxford University Center for the Environment, MSc (Oxon)


Languages: Russian, English

Vaneni Dadoyan is co-founder of Get-Inspired! She did her masters in Cognitive Semiotics, at Aarhus University, Denmark.
In her dissertation titled “Theory of mind and fairness from the perspective of economic games”, she develops the hypothesis that theory of mind is playing a crucial role in the decision making process during the economic games. Vaneni is starting her own company in Denmark that offers an alternative experience to online shopping. She is also one of the founding members of Oxford based Armenian Charity, which provides sustainable help to those in need.

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