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Founded in 2006 by Oxford students Get Inspired! is a project that aims to encourage talented students and recent graduates, particularly from disadvantaged regions, to realize their full potential and go study at leading universities abroad. At Get-Inspired! we developed a unique process that helps you realize your potential and  dramatically improves your chances of getting accepted into the leading educational institutions worldwide:

Step 1: Get Inspired! by visiting one of our regional BOOTCAMPS or by browsing through our online SUCCESS STORIES (coming soon)

Step 2: Get Informed! about all aspects of studying abroad - from Application, VISA to Financing - simply browse through our ONLINE RESOURCES (coming soon)

Step 3: Get Connected! with students of your nationality at leading educational institutions worldwide and receive world-class coaching to realize your goals and guide you through your personal career development (coming soon)

Step 4: SIGN UP NOW - take advantage of our products and services - make your application be a success
Latest News
"Scholarship Programs in Europe: Admission Process presentation in Saint Petersburg. 
We have got 3 new members in our Russian chapter. Nikita Loik, Vsevolod Loik, Darya Ukhova. Please visit our Russian Chapter for more information.  
The University of Oxford presentation in Yereva, Armenia. More than 100 students attended the event. It was our pleasure to host Her Majesty's Ambassador to the Republic of Armenia, Charles Londale at this remarkably inspirational event.  Visit the Armenian Chapter's Events to see more details about this event. 

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Get Inspired Goes Online

Get Inspired! goes Online. We want to make a difference at campuses in Eastern Europe. That's why we were working hard on our website during the last couple of weeks. Finally launched we think the result is acceptable. Still there is quite a lot to do. The next step will be to win patrons for our project and convince sponsors to fund it....fingers crossed.

Formation of Get inspired!

 Formation of Get inspired! ...after a time consuming meeting during the Thanks Giving party of Trinity College, Oxford we finally agreed on a name for our project: Get inspired! made the race against you! you! you! ....Get inspired! reflects the main intention of our project....we would like to encourage students from Eastern Europe, especially from disadvantaged regions, to apply to top-universities abroad.

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